Wednesday, January 28, 2015

During the 2012 election I kept asking my Democrat friends to explain how Obamacare was not going to break the budget...

...they vilified me and defriended me.

But, hey, guess what?

//It will cost the federal government – taxpayers, that is – $50,000 for every person who gets health insurance under the Obamacare law, the Congressional Budget Office revealed on Monday.

The number comes from figures buried in a 15-page section of the nonpartisan organization’s new ten-year budget outlook.

The best-case scenario described by the CBO would result in ‘between 24 million and 27 million’ fewer Americans being uninsured in 2025, compared to the year before the Affordable Care Act took effect.

Pulling that off will cost Uncle Sam about $1.35 trillion – or $50,000 per head.//

Nice of a British paper to cover the story.

To think of all the effort that America's enemy spent on demoralizing the American public...

...when all they had to do was wait for the American educational system to do their job for them.

//Today, we have a president, and a younger generation, that views the U.S. through a different prism – one clouded by Vietnam, racial discord, and now the war with Iraq. It is “cool” to distrust and disdain the U.S., and the media feeds the skepticism. In covering the U.S. engagement in Afghanistan, for instance, news organizations have seldom reported on the military’s successes in building schools and providing basic services in that country; they prefer to zero in on instances of civilian casualties and misdeeds by our soldiers. The coverage leads us to doubt our military, and our morals.

That uncertainty is widespread and perpetrated by our schools. A typical high school U.S. history course focuses on our mistreatment of Native Americans, the scourge of slavery, and the Vietnam War. The role played by the U.S. in World War II merits at best a footnote. Students emerging from our colleges are well versed in issues of gender and race but have no idea why the shortcomings of socialism crushed the Soviet Union.

How can we persuade people everywhere that our system of government is the best in the world when we don’t even try to convince our own schoolchildren? How can we celebrate our commitment to freedom and tolerance when our intelligencia exploits our racial divisions? In India this week, President Obama criticized that country’s human rights shortcomings, but to soften his words admitted, "There were moments in my life where I've been treated differently because of the color of my skin." Yes, Mr. President, you’ve had a hard life.  //

Monday, January 26, 2015

Andrew Cuomo...

... may be in some deep trouble...

...let's hope, because he skated on the mortgage meltdown.

In case, you've forgotten:

//Andrew Cuomo, the youngest Housing and Urban Development secretary in history, made a series of decisions between 1997 and 2001 that gave birth to the country's current crisis. He took actions that—in combination with many other factors—helped plunge Fannie and Freddie into the subprime markets without putting in place the means to monitor their increasingly risky investments. He turned the Federal Housing Administration mortgage program into a sweetheart lender with sky-high loan ceilings and no money down, and he legalized what a federal judge has branded "kickbacks" to brokers that have fueled the sale of overpriced and unsupportable loans. Three to four million families are now facing foreclosure, and Cuomo is one of the reasons why.

What he did is important—not just because of what it tells us about how we got in this hole, but because of what it says about New York's attorney general, who has been trying for months to don a white hat in the subprime scandal, pursuing cases against banks, appraisers, brokers, rating agencies, and multitrillion-dollar, quasi-public Fannie and Freddie.//

This won't be a real crisis until there is a Republican president.

More homeless camps are appearing beyond downtown L.A.'s skid row

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our racist president...

...and his lack of concern for minorities.

African Americans for decades flocked to Prince George’s County to be part of a phenomenon that has been rare in American history: a community that grew more upscale as it became more black.
The county became a national symbol of the American Dream with a black twist. Families moved into expansive new homes, with rolling lawns, nearby golf courses and, most of all, neighbors who looked like them. In the early 2000s, home prices soared — some well beyond $1 million — allowing many African Americans to build the kind of wealth their elders could only imagine.
The same reversal of fortune is playing out across the country as black families who worked painstakingly to climb into the middle class are seeing their financial foundation for future generations collapse. Although African Americans have made once-unthinkable political and social gains since the civil rights era, the severe and continuing damage wrought by the downturn — an entire generation of wealth was wiped out — has raised a vexing question: Why don’t black middle-class families enjoy the same level of economic security as their white counterparts?
Compare and contrast...

...Progressive Christianity:

//Under the People of God model, the Church, apart from faith in Jesus, is essentially nothing at all. Dogmas, creeds, and doctrines, together with structures, hierarchies, and authorities, are merely ways by which the faithful articulate and organize their beliefs—constructs employed to express how the faith has been integrated into various moments of history. The foregoing is an example of “process theology.”

The People of God model is generally favored by Catholics who consider themselves liberal or progressive and is rejected by those who consider themselves orthodox , traditionalist, or conservative.//

Anthony J. Sciolino (2014-04-07). The Holocaust, the Church, and the Law of Unintended Consequences: How Christian Anti-Judaism Spawned Nazi Anti-Semitism, A Judge’s Verdict (Kindle Locations 3922-3927). iUniverse. Kindle Edition.

with Fascism:

//If relativism signifies contempt for fixed categories and those who claim to be the bearers of objective immortal truth, then there is nothing more relativistic than Fascist attitudes and activity. From the fact that all ideologies are of equal value, we Fascists conclude that we have the right to create our own ideology and to enforce it with all the energy of which we are capable.//

Benito Mussolini.

So, go construct those beliefs appropriate for this "moment of time."

You are in the best of company!
From the "There are no objective moral truths" file:

Objective moral truths are for sissies; real men embrace relativism!

//If relativism signifies contempt for fixed categories and those who claim to be the bearers of objective immortal truth, then there is nothing more relativistic than Fascist attitudes and activity. From the fact that all ideologies are of equal value, we Fascists conclude that we have the right to create our own ideology and to enforce it with all the energy of which we are capable.//

Friday, January 23, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

"You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you."


//But the profoundly stupid “black brunch” protests, during which racial-grievance entrepreneurs disrupted meals at places that seemed to them offensively Caucasian (“white spaces”) are a different species of undertaking.
And a poorly informed one, at that: In New York City, protesters invaded the Pershing Square Café across the street from Grand Central Terminal, which is one of the more diverse spots in heavily segregated Manhattan, catering as it does to commuting 53-year-old lawyers from Fairfield County, who check any number of different demographic boxes.

The message these protests send is that there is no private space — and, therefore, no private life — so far as this particular rabble is concerned. It’s the familiar Trotsky conundrum: You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.

That the people at brunch have no real direct connection to the events motivating the protesters is beside the point. They were targeted on racial grounds: These were detestable “white spaces,” and the people there were to be punished for being white — even if they were not, in fact, white, their presence in “white spaces” makes them guilty by association. That the protesters were themselves largely white goes without saying: Protests of this sort are a prestige performance for stupid white college kids, mainly. If you want to see a genuinely “white space,” a protest is your best bet.

While it is the case that the phrase “religious extremism” is of limited use (because it matters a great deal which religion is under discussion), the politics of religious extremist movements ranging from al-Qaeda to the sundry Ayn Rand cults have in common that apostates are always punished with far greater severity than are mere infidels. It is one thing never to have seen the light, but to have seen it and rejected it is unforgivable. (One of the great debates among sharia scholars from the earliest days of Islam to the present is: How many days should an apostate be imprisoned before he is put to death? There’s less debate about putting them to death.) That dynamic makes it inevitable that well-meaning progressives are frequently on the receiving end of outrage from their more puritanical co-religionists.//

Wild thought....

What if human flourishing was set up - as a result of, let's say, evolution and/or intrinsic human nature - so that the optimal human flourishing was to be found in relationships that included both men and women?

Again, just floating a crazy idea here.

5th Circuit Exposes Sordid Underbelly of Same-Sex ‘Parenting’

“Your childhood is divided to please the adults,” Stefanowicz wrote, based upon her 30 years of experience with the LGBT subculture and dialogue with dozens of other adult children who were raised by homosexual parents. Ms. Stefanowicz further explained that due to the absence of either or both biological parents “our home environments have unique and unstable characteristics.” And that’s putting it very mildly. The Washington Times article from last Thursday presented many of the graphic and abusive aspects of life in a sex-saturated, same-sex household:
Ms. Stefanowicz said she “absolutely” loved her father, who died of AIDS in 1991, but he was a troubled man who sexually abused both her and her twin brother and brought countless men into their home.
“I was exposed to overt sexual activities like sodomy, nudity, pornography, group sex, sadomasochism and the ilk,” wrote Ms. Stefanowicz, adding that her father sometimes took her on his “cruising” visits to gay art galleries, nude beaches and public parks.
Like other daughters of gay men she has talked with, Ms. Stefanowicz said she felt she — and her femininity — were not valued or affirmed.
“Ultimately, I was seeking his love and acceptance. [But] I was not allowed to freely question him, bring up moral arguments or hurt his feelings, or I would face long-term repercussions,” Ms. Stefanowicz wrote.
Another member of the “quartet of truth,” Katy Faust, wrote in her brief that every child enters this world with two basic human rights. “First, the right to live,” she stated, and “Second, the right to have a relationship with his/her father and mother.” But unnatural “marriage” absolutely guarantees that the latter of those two rights will invariably be ripped from a child by intentionally depriving them of a least one biological parent.
Despite the absence of any criticism regarding her lesbian parents, Faust is still urging the 5th Circuit to preserve man-woman marriage laws and state constitutional amendments. “It wasn’t until I had children of my own that the wholeness and worth of having both father and mother raising their children together hit me like a freight train,” Faust asserted, “marriage law should always encourage and promote that ideal of mothers and fathers parenting their children together.”

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Make your "surprised face"...

...Obamacare isn't clearing out the Emergency Rooms.

//One of the selling points for the Affordable Care Act, which has enrolled millions of Californians in Medi-Cal and Covered California health plans, was that patients with insurance would have primary care doctors to take care of them and less reason to use expensive and overcrowded hospital emergency rooms. However, as the second year of the health law unfolds, emergency departments in the central San Joaquin Valley are busier than last year seeing patients — many of whom have insurance.

Obamacare, as the health law is called, delivered on its promise to get people coverage, but its shortfall has been a dearth of doctors in the community, health officials say.

A doctor shortage has long been a problem in the central San Joaquin Valley and made more so now by an influx of 139,000 Medi-Cal patients. The state-federal program for people with lower incomes now insures more than 850,000 in the Valley — nearly 43% of children and adults.

California and Valley doctors have long been reluctant to accept Medi-Cal — California’s version of Medicaid — because the state has among the lowest reimbursement rates in the country. A likely cut in Medi-Cal pay this year could further erode doctor participation in the program, health officials say.

“All we’ve done is give people a shiny new Medi-Cal card that they’re taking to the emergency department,” said Norma Forbes, executive director of Healthy Communities Access Partners, a Fresno nonprofit agency.//

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

40 years ago, this was a comedy skit in Life of Brian.

We are living in the Crazy Years.

"Women's College Cancels 'Vagina Monologues' Because It Excludes Women Without Vaginas"
Free Speech in 21st Century America.

Orwell was a Prophet.

//Yamin questioned whether Swain even believes her op-ed. “Her mind can’t be changed,” she said, asked if she would meet with Swain. “I don’t think it’s truly hateful, I don’t know if she even has these views,” but Swain “used a platform of murdering people to gain publicity.”

Yamin’s confusion continued as she said her goal was to show campus officials “that students don’t tolerate hate speech, even though it’s protected under academic freedom, that we don’t allow that on this campus.//

Trickle down taxation.

Taxes on the rich inevitably turn into taxes on the Middle Class.

Obama's State of the Union address will propose tax hike on Middle Class.

Who links to me?