Sunday, June 19, 2016

Failed Predictions

James Hansen's predictions can now be compared to reality.

//Hansen's predictions go definitively off the rails when tracking the temperature trend for the contiguous U.S. between 2000 and 2016. Since 2000, according to the NOAA calculator, the average temperature trend has been downward at -0.06 F degree per decade. In other words, no matter what baseline year Hansen meant to use, his projections for temperatures in the U.S. for the second decade of this century are 1 to 3 F degrees too high (so far).

What did Hansen project for global temperatures? He did note that "the natural variability of the temperature in both real world and the model are sufficiently large that we can neither confirm nor refute the modeled greenhouse effect on the basis of current temperature trends." It therefore was impossible to discern a man-made global warming signal in the temperature data from 1958 to 1986. But he added that "by the 1990's the expected warming rises above the noise level. In fact, the model shows that in 20 years, the global warming should reach about 1 degree C, which would be the warmest the Earth has been in the last 100,000 years."//

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Fever-swamp has...

... been using the Orlando Massacre (by a Muslim with same-sex attraction) to bash Christians (and others) who don't adopt their ideology of defining people by their sexual identity.

But is it loving to define people by their sexual identity?

//Only, I was truly invisible to these men; for they could only see a “gay” person – a member of the LGBT community, someone who had been born “gay,” someone who needed to accept their gayness – no matter how bad it got.

Then, I met someone who was infinitely caring and sympathetic, but he also didn’t look at me as a “gay” man or a member of the LGBT community; he looked at me as a man, and as a member of his community, as a “human person, made in the image and likeness of God.” This saintly disciple of Christ was Fr. John Harvey. And he once said: “Our uniqueness as persons is not rooted in our sexual inclinations, but in other intellectual, volitive and bodily characteristics. Our personhood is much more complex than our sexual identity. To center personal identity in a homosexual inclination is to accept a false identity.”

Often, I remember the men who died of AIDS, over 300,000 “gay” men in the US alone have succumbed to the disease, and I knew just a few. But, they came from different parts of the country, from different ethnic backgrounds, and from different creeds, but, for the most part – we all shared an intense desire to be loved. In his Introduction to Fr. Harvey’s 1987 book “The Homosexual Person,” Fr. Benedict Groeschel wrote: “If there is any group of people who are aware of the painful need for love, it is those who, for want of a better name, are called homosexuals. In working with this part of the human family for more than a decade, I have come to appreciate that they more than most others experience a profound hunger for love, for love that does not fail.”

Why many of us looked for this “love” within a collective identified as the “gay” community is a complex and difficult question. And, the where, and with whom, we sought to fulfill this love – is not what ultimately defines any of us. Instead, our true fulfillment is in how we found, not our identity, but God. James Martin S.J. – look beyond “gay” into the deeper realms of our humanity and into that part of us, as Fr Groeschel wrote, is our “…hunger for God.” We do not want your labels, we want what every man and woman desires: a chance to move beyond ourselves, so we too might one day understand and know God.//

Monday, June 13, 2016

These people are making a mockery of Gay Marriage.

//It was a traditional wedding — rings were distributed, vows were made — “We stand upon this holy earth and in this sacred space to witness the rite of matrimony between the sea and us all.” The ceremony was given the sober designation of an “Eco-Sexual Extravaganza” and they were not kidding around on the carnal aspects. Ministrants urged the maritime newlyweds to “make love to the water” and the less inhibited “dipped their toes” and “any other body part” they wanted into the waves.

Keeping in mind all this was under the aegis of a credentialed philosophy professor in a modern university, we can see how limited poor Muggeridge’s premonitions were. The professor, Amber Katherine, put a stamp on the service, pontificating that the purpose of wedding was to bring about a deeper love for the planet through “eco-centric passion and even lust.” It may not be easy being green, but it’s a riot for the lovelorn.

This box of Fruit Loops was funded by several of the university’s organizations and the main sponsor was “a chapter of the Public Policy Institute.” One of the newlyweds, called — how could it be otherwise? — Serenity, expounded on her personal relations with bits of landscape, with wise “safe-sex and sensitivity” tips, on those times when under the canopy, the moon glimmering, a blossom or a bough brings the erotic juices to near-boil. She insisted on the importance of “gaining consent from the earth” before proceeding with a physical relationship and, walking the talk, told how “back when I would hug trees in Santa Cruz, I would sort of ask the tree if it was OK if I hugged it.” I am woebegone she did not supply the tree’s reply.

Finally, lest should you think Prof. Katherine’s university courses lack the point and rigour of traditional academic undertakings, a few comments from her “ratings page” make it clear eco-philosophy has a rigour compared to which quantum physics is an intellectual relaxant; Hegel and Kant, mere Wodehousian triflers. Noted one student, wearied from the course grind: “You write a full page of words every day!” Another, clearly a post-Wittgensteinian: “I was a vegetarian years ago and her class transformed me into a vegetarian again, after watching a movie.” There’s also this lamentation from a dark night of the philosophy-apprentice soul: “Tests are open book, but you will need to have read and highlighted the important stuff to have time to look it up if you don’t know answers.” And, for me, the coup de main: “Wrote a few papers but the movies we had to base them off of were very interesting.”//

Sunday, June 12, 2016

If only UN peace-keeping forces could marry.

MINUSCA, the mission resulting in nearly a hundred allegations of child sexual abuse, gave soldiers the mandate “to protect civilians and support transition processes” following the devastation of war.

Instead, numerous Blue Helmets have used their position as an opportunity to engage in acts of rape and paedophilia. This abuse of power is no secret: it first emerged over a year ago. In fact, it is so widespread that the United Nations was subject to an independent report “on the Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by International Peace Keeping Forces.”

In exchange for the assistance they were deployed in order to provide, in exchange for basic necessities such as food and water, UN soldiers have been sexually exploiting children. The Blue Helmets attacked the very people they were sent to protect. Children as young as 7 have been targeted, with a girl forced to perform “oral sex on French soldiers in exchange for a bottle of water and a sachet of cookies.”

Three girls reported being stripped, tied up, and forced to engage in bestiality with a dog by a French military commander.

The brutality of this systematic child sexual abuse is entirely at odds with the humanitarian values the UN claims to uphold. Yet UN troops have a history of exploiting people in communities shattered by war and natural disaster, an institutional failure which is yet to see any meaningful resolution. From the international powers-that-be down to right-on liberals, many a blind eye has been turned.//

Liberals? Turning a blind eye to sexual abuse not involving Catholics?


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Socialism/intrusive government - the only sure way to make the population decline.

//The Great Recession sent an economic shock through American society that reached far beyond the stock and housing markets. More than five years after economists announced the end of the recession, fertility levels have still not recovered. As a result, more than 3.4 million fewer babies were born in the United States between 2008 and 2015 than would have been expected if pre-recession fertility rates had been sustained. In each of the last five years, this birth deficit has resulted in roughly 500,000 fewer births," said the study.//

Gay Marriage is totally wholesome and about fidelity and commitment like regular marriage...

...except when it isn't.

....and if you speak the truth you are a H8ter.

...and, of course, H8ters are thought-criminals and thought-criminals have no rights.

//The big lie of gay marriage was always this: “It will affect nobody outside of the gays who wish to partake in it.” That is clearly false, as any number of bakers or photographers will tell you after having gone through the legal wringer of forced gay wedding compliance. Yet sometimes the big lie gets even bigger. Sometimes it threatens more than the livelihoods of cake-bakers in north-central Colorado.

Sometimes it threatens free speech. That seems to be the situation out of England regarding a case in which a celebrity gay couple has placed an injunction on the British press to cover up reports of an extramarital encounter. According to Paddy Manning (a gay Irish columnist notable for his opposition to gay marriage), the couple is none other than Elton John and David Furnish, the latter of which supposedly flew to New York City several years ago to participate in a ménage à trois with two other men; scheduled events allegedly included some time in a wading pool filled with olive oil.

The Sun, a British newspaper, attempted to write an article about this tryst, yet the couple successfully managed to bring an injunction against not just the Sun but the entire British press: “[N]othing at all,” writes Manning, “might be written about the matter in England or Wales.”//
 Socialism - Start with a surplus, end with rationing a dwindling supply!

Who could have imagined that China's One Child policy would lead China to ration women!

Footnote to History.

//At the height of the Terror, the American emigrants had besieged their embassy, begging for passports so they could leave Russia.
They were turned away only to be arrested on the pavement outside by lurking NKVD agents.
Inside, the American diplomats had known about these disappearances almost from the very beginning. But they did little to save their fellow countrymen, whom they had christened "the captured Americans."
Thousands killed
The emigrants began their long journey either into the prison cells and the Gulag camps, or the shorter route to the execution grounds.
In the killing fields at Butovo, a suburb 27 kilometres south-east of Moscow, several of the American baseball players were executed during the Terror, and lie buried in mass graves stretching for hundreds of metres.
The mass graves at Butovo, outside Moscow
Many US workers ended up in mass graves just outside Moscow
Thousands were killed in this quiet country backwater, surrounded by trees to muffle their screams.//

Hillary Email Problem Gets Worse.

Waiting for the "Let's just Move On" argument.

"Once again Hillary’s been caught lying about her criminal mishandling of classified national security information. Recall that Ms. Clinton swears none of the emails which passed through her off-the-record email server system was ever marked classified.
Uh oh. Au contraire, madam, once again you are exposed as a liar.
Fox News gets the credit. In an exclusive report published June 11, Fox News revealed that one of Ms. Clinton’s emails had a “portion marking” that identified the specific information contained in the “portion” as being classified. That means the information was sensitive and was legally protected.
The information had the lowest level of classification, Confidential. It discussed a phone call with the president of Malawi, Joyce Banda. Fox News included an information-rich screen shot of the email."

The real scandal in the Brock Turner case...

//The probation officer stated that in evaluating the case she weighed the fact that Turner did not have a criminal history, is "youthful," that he scored in the "low-moderate" range on the assessment of recidivism risk relative to other adult male sex offenders, and that he "expressed sincere remorse and empathy for the victim."

Long-time Santa Clara public defender Gary Goodman told Crimesider these things likely led her to deem this case "unusual" and recommend Turner avoid prison.

She continued: "During the presentence interview, the defendant demonstrated a comprehension that the victim, in her state, was unable to make an informed decision and in that moment he had a moral responsibility to act in her best interest, which he failed to do."

The probation officer wrote that she recommends a "moderate county jail sentence," three years of probation, and registration as a sex offender.

She also took Turner's status as a star swimmer into account, saying she weighed the fact that "his future prospects will likely be highly impacted as a result of his convictions, and he surrendered a hard earned swimming scholarship."//

A lot of hate is directed against the judge - which may be fair since he's supposed to represent justice and not merely the academic ideology of the current crop of university trained social workers - but judge's typically follow the sentencing recommendations of the probation department. In this case, the probation officer was a woman who characterized the rape as a "less serious" rape - which doesn't seem right - and pointed to the perp's chance of not recidivating, which may be true.

Under a therapeutic model of punishment, this may be a "good sentence" for that latter reason, but under any other standard it sucks, and not because it is sexist, but because we shouldn't be letting rich punks with good career prospects get away with violating drunken women.

In any event, I was curious about what happened, and a little digging turned up this interesting detail which is being overlooked.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Men make the best women.

If it weren't for double-standards, the left would have no standards at all.

Women-only pool times for Jews are bad because they are not inclusive.

Women-only pool times for Muslims are good because they are inclusive.

The Left will attack you, its police won't protect you, and it doesn't want you to be able to protect yourself.
"Two undercover police officers at a Donald Trump rally last week said they saw Trump supporters "get punched, kicked and pushed" and "running for their lives," according to a police report.
The plainclothes officers said they did not intervene for fear their own safety would be jeopardized as the estimated 400 protesters developed a "mob mentality.
In other news, Huffington Post is telling its readers to get violent. 

oint three. Violent resistance matters. Riots can lead to major change (*note the irony of that hyperlink going to a Vox article). It’s not liberal politicians or masses that historians identify as the spark underlying the modern movement for LGBTQ equality. Nor was it a think piece from some smarmy liberal writer. It was the people who took to the streets during the Stonewall Uprising. It was the Watts Rebellion, not the Watts Battle of Ideas, that exposed the enduring systemic neglect, poverty, inequality, and racism faced by that community. Similarly, it was the LA Uprising, not the LA Protests, that led to significant changes in the Los Angeles Police Department. More recently, the Ferguson and Baltimore Uprisings both helped prompt the Justice Department to investigate their corrupt police forces. And since we’re talking about fascism, it’s worth remembering that it wasn’t the election of a moderate centrist (hello, Hillary) or a sanguine protest that stopped its ascent in Europe. It was, primarily, the Russian military, and to a lesser extent the US military; neither of which practiced nonviolence if memory serves.

Last, I want to briefly note the problematic nature of people with privilege condemning violent resistance to Trump as an absolute moral failing, or denying its logic. Whether you would personally engage in violent conduct matters little to your ability to understand where it comes from. Some people have the privilege to consider the implications of Trump’s rise in the abstract and negotiate which means are necessary. That’s not true for everyone. And when those who hold that privilege dismiss the potential validity or logic of violent resistance, it’s effectively an effort to dictate the rules under which oppressed peoples respond to existential threats, and to silence forms of resistance disagreeable to privileged sensibilities. Don’t be that liberal.

Nice to have the Brown Shirts self-identify.

Friday, June 03, 2016

And the buried minor premise is that anyone other than a socialist is a fascist

A few minutes later, the Vox editor began explicitly calling for more rioting against the “fascist” billionaire businessman and his faithful followers, declaring, “If Trump is Hitler then you’ve got no business condemning rioters.”

Leftwing Vox editor calls for riots against Trump.

As violent protests against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and his supporters reached a boiling point Thursday night in San Jose, California, one editor at Vox is calling on anti-Trump activists to keep the riots coming.
As ABC News reporter Tom Llamas was reporting that Trump supporters were being “terrorized and beaten up by mobs of protesters,” Vox editor Emmett Rensin took to Twitter to mock the development.
A few minutes later, the Vox editor began explicitly calling for more rioting against the “fascist” billionaire businessman and his faithful followers, declaring, “If Trump is Hitler then you’ve got no business condemning rioters.”
Twitter users were quick to respond to Rensin’s suggestion, many mocking Vox for the content it publishes.
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