Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A precedent for Hillary.

Lady MacBeth gets a glimpse of Banquo's Ghost.

//Hillary Clinton likes to point out that she is not the first senior national security official to conduct official business on a home computer system. She’s right about that, but the precedent should not give the Democratic presidential front-runner much comfort.

Former CIA director John Deutch was also found to have stored classified documents — including top-secret intelligence — on computers in his homes in Bethesda and Belmont, Mass., leading to an investigation by the CIA inspector general and a criminal investigation by the Justice Department. Deutch was stripped of his security clearance and ended up reaching a plea agreement admitting to his crimes — but was saved by a last-minute pardon from none other than . . . President Bill Clinton.//

Feverswamp Leftism - a cancer destroying its host since 1917.

The Episcopal Church is well on its death spiral down the toilet, but that fact doesn't alarm committed the feverswamp leftists who drove off the normal people.

//But as a priest, the daily office immerses me in the PATRIARCHY!! of the psalms. We can’t change the PATRIARCHY!! of our heritage. That’s how God has revealed herself to us over the centuries.

So God’s kind of a screw-up then?

So in reading Scripture, in seeking its meaning, I do not feel free to make changes in the text. But in my worship, I do feel free to do so. When I pray the psalms, it seems to me that I am free to make changes that express my heart.

Son of a…aw, skip it.  You have to give Double W this much.  Dude’s all-in.

So I have gone through the Prayer Book psalms and substituted feminine pronouns for masculine wherever the reference is not clearly to a specific male, such as David and Moses and Joseph.

Any male human being reading this can sit Christianity out since any manifestation of masculinity whatsoever gives Warner the vapors.

I call these committed psalms.

Because anybody stupid enough to read them ought to be?

They go the path of commission rather than the path of omission. Further, they require a commitment on the part of those who use them. We commit ourselves to a path of reparation, of repairing the relation of female and male in our life and worship. Similarly, this is committed language in contrast to inclusive language. This language is not inclusive; it overdoes the feminine on purpose. It is matriarchal language instead of patriarchal.

So basically, it’s totally dishonest.  An absolute frickin’ lie.  Yeah, great Christian witness there, Warner.

Catholics?  Never EVER let down your guard.

Go here to read the comments.  Leftism is a cancer wherever it takes hold.  It perverts and destroys its host.  In religion it transforms Christianity into dying shattered husks of denominations.  Make no mistake:  most Leftist Catholics know precisely what they are doing.  For them the destruction of traditional Catholicism through embracing their ludicrous politics and economic superstitions is a feature not a bug.//

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Birthright Citizenship.

I have accepted the notion of Birthright Citizenship ever since I read Alexander Bickel's phenomenal essay. 

Bickel is a forgotten legal philosopher who died far too young. His take on birthright citizenship was that "what is not given cannot be taken away," which seems like security for the rest of us.

I've generally agreed with this point, long before it became an issue.

On the other hand, I find it ironic to see all the talking heads and experts telling us (a) that the 14th Amendment is totally clear on the issue and (b) that there are cases from 40 years ago that decided the issue.

In light of the recent Same-Sex Marriage decision, which found a right to gay-marriage in the 14th Amendment, I ask "So what?"

Isn't the teaching of the recent decision that the Constitution is a "living Constitution" that has to evolve with society? Isn't the America of today different from the America of 1866 or 1980?  Where is it written that the Constitution "evolves" only in the direction that our liberal elites want it to evolve?  If Donald Trump is elected President, why can't he take the position that what was said in the past doesn't matter because times are different now?

So, there it is liberal/progressive Americans - American liberty is threatened by the living Constitution.

This is the world you created.

Bon appetite.

If only former NFL cheerleaders could marry.

No jail time for pretty woman who had sex with 15 year old...because, you know, equality or something.

From the "We are so screwed" files.

Of course, as with most trends, how many people are really involved?

//I don’t mean status, I mean age. More and more women I know are dating men twice, yes twice, their age. In her new film, The Intern, Anne Hathaway stands with Robert DeNiro and a bunch of young male colleagues in a bar and draws a harsh comparison: “How in one generation have men gone from guys like Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford to . . .?” She gestures despairingly at the four men in front of her, archetypes of my generation in their hoodies, craft beer in one hand, iPhone in the other, with their untrimmed beards and general lack of ambition. I see what Hathaway means: Why put up with Tinder when there’s a whole generation of men out there who wouldn’t dream of using it?

There have never been more advantages to relationships with older men, precisely because Tinder and its ilk have made dating feel impossible to those of us who don’t want to participate in the battle of who-cares-less. Reach back two decades and you are more likely to find a man who can’t fathom swiping through a series of pictures to find a mate for the night.

My friend Gabrielle met her boyfriend at a restaurant opening. They are twenty years apart, and they’ve been together for two. He “treats me like I’m a person,” she told me. “I watch so many of my other friends agonize over text messages from guys who . . . just clearly don’t care.” The stereotypes, she says, are true: Older men are attentive, they aren’t threatened by your career success, they didn’t grow up watching porn on their laptops, and they certainly don’t expect sex from you before you’ve even had a chance to meet. It’s not an “old-fashioned” dating scheme, it’s just a more humane one. “I wasn’t trying to go back in time,” Gabrielle added at the end of our conversation. “Nobody wants to go back to the 1950s, we just want to be treated with respect.”//

A description of American society in a microcosm.

Leftists burn down the Hugos.

//What the Puppies represent, say organisers, is the insistence of fans and many writers themselves that awards should be judged solely on quality, and not become backslapping circlejerks for social justice groupies and their favourite minority of the month//

And this:

//The facts of this case are the same as in gaming and in every other industry that social justice warriors touch. They do not care about art forms. They do not care about science fiction. They do not even particularly care about talent. They care about enriching and ennobling themselves and their friends, and pushing a twisted, discredited, divisive brand of authoritarian politics.//

That last part is fascinating from a historical perspective.  The history of the Communist/Leftwing movement involved infiltration of a non-aligned organization, the "coordination" of the organization toward the objectives of the Communist movement, the revolt of the membership, followed by the departure of the membership, and a final denouement where the organization exists as a shell and the movement looks for its next victim to wreck.

It seems like this tendency is continuing.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The California Death Spiral

Poverty - California beats Mississippi!

Take that rednecks!

//The San Francisco metropolitan area had a poverty rate of 19.4 percent, more than one-fifth below that of Los Angeles. San Jose has a somewhat lower poverty rated 18.3 percent (Note 1). The metropolitan areas making constituting the exurbs of the San Francisco Bay Area had a poverty rate of 18.7 percent. This includes Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Stockton and Vallejo. Sacramento had the lowest poverty rate of any major metropolitan area, at 18.2 percent.

The San Joaquin Valley, stretching from Bakersfield through Fresno to Modesto (Stockton is excluded because it is now a San Francisco Bay Area exurb) had a poverty rate of 21.3 percent, slightly below the state wide average of 21.8 percent. The balance of the state, not included in the metropolitan areas and regions described above had a poverty rate of 21.2 percent.//

Wouldn't it be great if the California government was in the hands of a party that claimed that social concerns and ending poverty was its raison d'etre?

This is bad for Hillary and bad for America.

The implication is that there is such a large hole in American information security that "Top Secret" information - which is supposed to be "air gapped", i.e., not connected to the internet - is being copied onto a flash drive and then casually sent on the internet to irresponsible politicians.

//This information would always be air-gapped. There is no (legitimate) way that a computer system could be connected to TS//SI//TK//NOFORN data and to the outside world.

What can happen is that someone copies information, onto a piece of paper or a thumb drive (actually systems that can handle TS shouldn’t have thumb drives either, but it’s too easy to sneak one in or out) and then copied into an email in an uncontrolled system – a cell phone or a laptop or an iPad. The person doing it has to know that it’s coming from a secure system, has to know how sensitive the data really is; they go through lots of training, repeated reminders, and come and go to the office through a freaking vault door that would do credit to a bank.//

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Egalitarianism and Mass Murder

Somehow, perhaps because of the constant finger-pointing by the side that commits mass murder, we forget the connection.

This is a 1994 cry of the heart by Marxist historian Eugene Genovese, who realized that all of his lying, disinformation, dissembling and hypocrisy as a Communist fellow-traveler had been meaningless in the long run.

//Our whole project of "human liberation" has rested on a series of gigantic illusions. The catastrophic consequences of our failure during this century—not merely the body count but the monotonous recurrence of despotism and wanton cruelty—cannot be dismissed as aberrations.Slimmed down to a technologically
appropriate scale, they have followed in the wake of victories by radical egalitarian movements throughout history. We have yet to
answer our right-wing critics' claims, which are regrettably well documented, that throughout history, from ancient times to the peasant wars of the sixteenth century to the Reign of Terror and beyond, social movements that have espoused radical egalitarianism and participatory democracy have begun with mass murder and ended in despotism.

Let us grant, arguendo, that the ruling classes have done worse. Whatever solace that thought may give us, our own problem remains: what kind of society could we build on a worldview marred by flagrant irrationalities paraded as self-evident truths, even if reinforced by sandbox cries of "You're another"?

The allegedly high ideals we placed at the center of our ideology and politics are precisely what need to be reexamined, but they can no longer even be made a subject for discussion in the mass media and our universities, to say nothing of the left itself. They are givens: an unattainable equality of condition; a radical democracy that has always ended in the tyranny it is supposed to overcome; a celebration of human goodness or malleability, accompanied by the daily announcement of newly discovered "inalienable rights" to personal self-expression; destruction of all hierarchy and elites, as if ideological repudiation has ever prevented or ever could prevent the formation and reformation of hierarchies and elites; condemnation of "illegitimate" authority in the absence of any notion of what might constitute legitimate authority; and, at the root of all, a thorough secularization of society, bolstered by the monstrous lie that the constitutional separation of church and state was meant to separate religion from society. And we have yet to reassess the anti-Americanism—the self-hatred implicit in the attitude we have generally affected toward our country—that has led us into countless stupidities and worse. Let us give ourselves some credit: through it all we have preserved a rich sense of humor. The destruction of hierarchies, elites, and authority is to be effected through the concentration of power in a Leviathan state miraculously free of all such reactionary encumbrances.//

But isn't that the way of any movement that stakes its legitimacy on the building of a paradise in this world through human action?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

And the geniuses who negotiated the "5 of your leaders for one of our deserters" deal also negotiated the Iran nuke deal.

And notice that it is not merely "desertion" - it is "treason."

//Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl has been charged with treason, his lawyer says, but the White House is not commenting on the news yet.

A request for comment about the news was referred by the White House to the Department of Defense, which is in charge of the investigation.

President Obama was instrumental in organizing Bergdahl’s release, which included the president’s decision to release five Taliban operatives from Guantanamo Bay to Qatar in order to bring Bergdahl back to the United States. He was held captive by militants in Afghanistan for five years after disappearing from his base.

During the daily press briefing, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that he was “not aware of any plans” of the Army’s intentions to release their report on the matter today, also referring White House reporters to the Department of Defense.

Officials from the Army are expected to provide an update on the case later this afternoon.

The Obama administration maintained that Berghdal was a hero when he was first brought back to American soil as a result of the Guantanamo deal.

On June 1, White House National Security Advisor called Berghdal’s release a “joyous day” because he had “served the United States with honor and distinction.”

At the time, Obama recognized Berghdal’s release as a victory for the American people.

“On behalf of the American people, I was honored to call his parents to express our joy that they can expect his safe return, mindful of their courage and sacrifice throughout this ordeal,” he said, after receiving news that the mission to retrieve him was successful.//

Post-modern Civilization - jumping the shark 24/7.

It is now officially beyond human powers to parody the fever-swamp left.

So, we have a far-left project that, after being mocked by exposure and ridicule, claims that the actual ridicule of an actual far-left idea was an over-the-top false flag operation designed to lure the gullible into believing that the parody was real, but hides the fact that the parody IS reality.

Meta-irony, anyone?

//Free bleeding is folly all around. But it isn’t fake. It isn’t even satire.

Early in 2014 some of the players at 4chan (think Reddit without any rules) tried to get #freebleeding to trend. They have a long history of running false flag campaigns, making some of our culture’s more ridiculous ideas go viral. They want to expose the ridiculousness to the general public and discredit the ideas and their cheerleaders. 4chan members made tweets and blog posts calling for women to stop being period shamed into using sanitary products.

The tweets started to trend. Young western women have been so well trained to think of anything exclusive to women as a weakness encouraged by patriarchy that free bleeding feels like a meaningful rebellion to many. But it is such a colossally bad idea (see above) that a few saner feminist pundits knew they had to stop the all the “likes” and “shares.” As soon as they realized that 4chan was seeding the trend, panicked articles popped up, like this one at The Daily Dot or this one at the Australian young fem mag Birdee, calling the #freebleeding movement a hoax. But buried at the end of the posts or in the comments, readers would learn that 4chan is publicizing actual ideas. According to Know Your Meme:

The concept of free bleeding has been discussed online since the early 2000s, with the earliest known article on the topic posted by the women’s reproductive health blog All About My Vagina[5] on March 31st, 2004.

4Chan created the hashtag #freebleeding, not the idea. In August 2012, Feministing posted, “Letting ourselves bleed.” 4Chan lifted many of the photos from earnest sites, such as a May 2012 “There Will Be Blood” photo art collection. Since the 4chan false-flag play, I’ve found a Spanish protest involving white pants. In March after complaints, Instagram apologized for removing an art project photo of a woman who had bled through her pajamas and onto her sheets. The complaints stated that Instagram had removed the pictures, not that Instagram was feeding into a hoax.

The idea of a hoax still persists. It really was the best defense the more reasonable feminists could use given how feminism has laid waste to the critical thinking skills of modern western women. Unfortunately for them, the idea of free bleeding is popular enough that Cosmopolitian published one of their writer’s experiments with free bleeding earlier this summer. (She decided against it for the hassle reasons and general discomfort, which was probably exacerbated by the fact that, according to her commenters, she was using the menstrual panties wrong.)//

Friday, August 14, 2015

ISIS uses chemical weapons on Kurds...

...which ought to make everyone reflect on the essential dishonesty of the "Bush Lied" meme and the wisdom of removing American forces from Iraq.

But, then, I'm not the Smartest President Ever.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

If Obama has lost Alcee Hastings...

This seems like kind of big deal.

//A House Democrat says he’ll not only vote against the Iran nuclear deal, but top it off with a bill to authorize military force as needed against the Islamic Republic to keep it from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.), ranking House Dem on the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, or U.S. Helsinki Commission, and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, got quickly to the point in a Palm Beach Post op-ed: “After careful review, I have decided that I cannot support this deal.”

“The goal of the recently concluded negotiations was to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The negotiators worked diligently, but in the end, the JCPOA allows Iran to remain a nuclear threshold state while simultaneously reaping the benefits of relief from international sanctions,” Hastings wrote.

“Under the JCPOA, Iran is limited to approximately 6,100 first-generation IR-1 centrifuges for a period of 10-15 years. However, after this time passes, Iran will again have the ability to pursue its nuclear program with more advanced centrifuges. Iran simply needs to be patient and it will once again have the ability to enrich uranium.”

The congressman stressed that the UN Security Council resolution that endorsed the deal “poses a threat to the U.S. and to our allies” as it “lifts the ban on conventional arms sales to Iran after five years, and gives Iran the authority to restart its nuclear-capable ballistic missile development program within eight years.”

Most incompetent elites ever.

Lucky us.



Hillary will be totally blackmail-able if elected. Here’s the logic:

1. It’s safe to say that there were things on that server which could cause Hillary tremendous harm politically – which is why she destroyed the evidence that would have been exculpatory if you believed her explanation. In my mind, it’s also why she used a private server to begin with.

2. She is lying about what was on that server, potentially to include while under oath in her upcoming congressional testimony.

3. If someone had all the copies of her emails and those of her staff, they could readily blackmail her because of the above. They’d have proof of her wrongdoing and her lying about it.

4. Hillary Clinton, as both a future Presidential candidate and a sitting Sec. of State would have been one of the Top 100 intelligence targets in the world and probably one of the top 10.

5. It’s thus certain that the Chinese and Russians would each have had a team focused on accessing her communications.

6. Every security expert I know of has said it’s a virtual certainty the Chinese and Russians both gained access to her server and all her emails. From what I know about their capabilities, I’d agree.

There are probably a bunch of folks in China and Russia who are praying (even if they’re atheists) for Hillary to be elected. If she wins, they own the President of the United States. I can just imagine in a meeting with Putin, Hillary being told to back off supporting Ukraine or he’ll release her emails (as he hands her a folder containing the most damaging ones for her to peruse). Put in that position, would Hillary fall on her sword or sacrifice a country like Ukraine? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t want to be living in Ukraine…

Someone with that kind of vulnerability to blackmail shouldn’t be allowed to sweep the floors of the NSA, much less run our country./

Good point.

White lives matter.

This is a strange story all around.

Why would she run?

Why would they shoot?

Who links to me?